Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall--or Maybe Not

Hello! This week has really gotten away from me, so I thought I'd just stop in for a quick update.

First of all, Monday and Tuesday mornings presented a rare opportunity: cool weather for baby to wear fall clothes!

 Marshall learned the words "jeans" and "jacket" and now proudly points to both!

The chill didn't last long, of course--it's supposed to get up to the 100s again later this week--but I savored those moments!

Yesterday Terry cracked an egg and got a double yolk. Awesome. And then I cracked an egg and got a double yolk too. What?! Obviously it was going to be a great day. Well, then this happened with the next egg:

Soooo...I'm not sure what that meant, but the day turned out okay.

The elementary school down the street from us is hosting a fall festival, so yesterday we walked around the block to check out the setup progress. Marshall and Terry surveyed the scene in style. (I'm super excited to check out the actual festival this weekend! It looks so cute!)

This week's meals have been excellent. I made Ina's Mexican chicken soup,

  (Marshall ate his whole bowl with almost no help from us!)

plus chicken salad sandwiches.

YUM. Here's what I did:
- 1.5 cups cooked chicken, chopped
- 1/3 (give or take) cup of plain Greek yogurt
- 2 tsp mustard of choice
- 2 stalks celery, finely chopped
- squeeze of lemon

All mixed together for the salad. Then we made sandwiches with sourdough bread, avocado, and bacon. Quite awesome, if I may say so.

Workouts have been lighter this week after our ultra-active weekend. On Monday we did an upper body workout focusing on triceps, chest, and core. Tuesday we did Day 6 of the squat challenge and some yoga. Today we just rested, and tomorrow we'll crank it back up a notch. 

My parents are in town for the next few days, so I look forward to soaking up some time with them, time on my own to get a few odds and ends done, and time with Terry for a date night!

Have a wonderful day! 


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