Friday, October 16, 2015

Trains, Squats, and Costumes

Happy Friday, friends. We were supposed to drive up north this weekend to celebrate a friend's recent nuptials (they had a small ceremony last weekend, so the bigger party is tomorrow), but major flooding and mudslides on the roads leading north have forced us to cancel our plans. My mom always says things like this happen for a reason and that maybe there's a reason we're supposed to stay home, so I'm not going to fight it. Instead, we're planning a low-key weekend at home. Hopefully a pumpkin patch tomorrow, maybe some shopping for mama, and a dinner out.

Today Terry only had to work a few hours, so we spent some time at the park in the morning, we played with trains during the day,

 and then this afternoon we all enjoyed a long walk around the neighborhood. We also did our squats for the day:

- 50 squats
- 50 stationary lunges per leg
4 rounds total

Yowza. Those stationary lunges were no joke. My legs are definitely going to feel that tomorrow! Good thing we'll have some yoga to help us stretch.

Tonight we're catching up on a lot of TV because we barely watched any of our shows this week. On Tuesday Terry went to the King's game with a coworker so I invited my friend Amanda over for girls' night. We ate cheese and crackers and fruit and side salads and chocolate covered pretzels and wine. We had a blast catching up and watching The Mindy Project and Veep. I don't remember what we did the rest of the week, but  we have a lot of TV to watch so here we go.

Also, a few random tidbits, because it's Friday:

Today I ordered silicone muffin cup liners, and then I told Terry that they will solve all our problems. I may have been a little dramatic there, but he actually didn't question me. I will let you know if these muffins do, indeed, solve all our problems, but I do think they'll be excellent for making egg muffins. Let's just say my first attempt this week without liners was something of a disaster. My arm workout one day was cleaning that damn muffin tin.

I tried Smitten Kitchen's peanut butter cookies today, but I halved the sugar (I just couldn't use the same amount of peanut butter and sugar...I couldn't), and they are delicious! I like the technique of freezing the dough for 15 minutes before baking; they held their shape perfectly.

We still haven't decided what Marshall will be for Halloween. On one hand, we're big fans of keeping things easy, creating costumes from stuff we already have, finding fun and creative ways to be original. At a little Halloween party recently, we had Marshall dress as a little train conductor, because he already had striped overalls, a red handkerchief, and a little hat. On the other hand, baby costumes are adorable, and by next year Marshall will be able to tell us what he wants to wear.

Today we enjoyed some cool weather, finally. I mean, I still wore shorts and a tank top out for our walk, but we had gray skies all day and something that resembled autumn. Eventually we'll have more than a day or two at a time of this weather, but until then I'm starting to feel excited about the holidays (Terry gets to decorate for the month of October, because he loves Halloween, but then I take over in November and make things right again), cuddling on the couch when it's not too hot for blankets, and all the sweet potatoes I can find.

Happy weekend!


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