Monday, October 26, 2015

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips

Hello and happy Monday to ya! Ours started niiiiiice and early this morning when Marshall woke up at 4:15 am and never went back to sleep. Mama is tired today.

We spent part of the morning at Jenn's and came home in time for a quick lunch and nap time. Marshall slept a long while, which gave me time to rest, read some scholarship applications for UCLA (I volunteer from time to time; it's super easy to sign up if you're an alumnus and takes very little time!), and have some extra tea. 

Later in the afternoon we ran out to Aaron Brothers to take advantage of the buy one, get one for a penny sale. Unfortunately, the outing turned into our first public "toddler moment" where Marshall refused to be held, wanted to explore the store, wouldn't stand with me in line, and threatened a major meltdown if I tried to hold him. The line took forever, the store was super quiet and awkward, and I started feeling anxious about the other customers' reactions. When I hit the verge of tears, Jenn rescued me with a couple humorous texts, and I took a few deep breaths. Marshall never did throw the full-on tantrum, so I'll count myself lucky, but I may stick to more predictable outings like the grocery store for the afternoons (mornings are much better around here!). 

Anyway, when Terry came home we all took a walk together and enjoyed some fresh air before coming home for dinner. Another lovely day for the Heinrichs!

Some random photos from my phone:

Lunch after Underwood Farms while Marshall snoozed in the backseat. Chipotle is just too delicious.

I saw this ad for a bamboo dish rack that looks just like ours, except it has that extra little rack on the bottom. I mentioned to Terry how I wish ours had that "updated" little rack, and of course I realize then that ours does, in fact, also have a lower rack. I've had that dish rack for about five months.

Yesterday Terry and I got to sneak away for a mini date to BJ's, just to grab a pint (or a pitcher!) of their pumpkin beer. We love it!

Today Marshall napped in a typically strange position.

Tonight's meal: roasted butternut squash, roasted Brussels sprouts, sauteed ground turkey, and crumbled hot Italian sausage, all thrown together with some cheddar cheese on top.

And tonight's dessert, as featured on Instagram:
A classic combination.

And with that, I'm off to bed early to make up for that pre-sunrise wake up today. Good night!


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