Monday, October 12, 2015

Parents' Visit, Wine Country, and Squats Continued

Last week, my parents visited for several days in the middle of a heat wave (my mom brought a heat wave with her last visit, too...hmm...). We went to dinner at Public School in Culver City...

Kale Chopped Salad with Burrata

Lamb Burger

Bangers and Mash

The Hunstman Burger

And one night my dad and Terry made ribs.

I think the highlight for everyone was a trip to Santa Monica Airport to watch planes take off and land! Terry and I did that day's squats while my parents played with Marshall and watched all the air traffic. 

Terry and I even sneaked away for two dates! One night we just took a stroll through the neighborhood and grabbed some ice cream after Marshall was asleep, and another day we left for several hours to go out to lunch at True Food Kitchen. 

Inside Out Quinoa Burger (one of my favorites!)


Plus a stop at Rocco's Cheesecake, a new-to-us dessert spot. We LOVED the cheesecake, and I highly recommend it! We even met Johnny, the owner, who makes all the cheesecakes himself. He has new flavors all the time and experiments with really fun combinations, like a Rocky Road Cheesecake and a Pumpkin Cheesecake, which we tried. We also went with the molten chocolate cheesecake, which was BOMB.

Some other miscellaneous photos:

We joined our friends to celebrate their 20th(!) wedding anniversary this weekend up in Santa Ynez. (My friend asked, "You have friends who have been married 20 years?!" Yeah, we do. We've known the couple longer than we've known each other, because she was the boss at our job where we met in college. Crazy, right?) It was a HOT, gorgeous day to enjoy some wine and friends.

(After we took this photo, I told Terry...yeah, I look 30. He agreed but said it was a good thing. Okay.)

Our neighborhood school held a HUGE carnival this weekend for a fundraiser. It was insane! We brought Marshall over, but honestly it was too hot to participate, so maybe next year we'll go and actually try out the rides and games. 

(He looks like he's five!)

And tractors and trucks have become a huge sensation around here. Marshall is obsessed! My parents bought him a set of construction vehicles, and he will spend the entire day holding one of them. 

Okay, squat challenge time!!! 
(The other day while we did our squats, Marshall joined us! He thought it was hilarious. I sent this photo to my physical therapist friend Heidi, and she said we need to work on his form. I agree.)

This week's squats:

Day 12: 15 one-leg squats each side (3 rounds) plus 10 minutes (or more!) of stretching
*This should be an easy day as we're near the middle of the month and it's a good time to check in and make sure we're resting appropriately.

Day 14:
Plie squats
Plie squat pulses
Plie squat hold
1 minute each, then 45 seconds each, then 30 seconds, then 15 seconds

Day 16:
4 rounds:
50 squats
50 stationary lunges per leg

Day 18:
10 squats and 10 180-squat jumps (Complete for 90 seconds, then rest 60 seconds)
Complete 7 rounds

Day 20:
10 squat thrusts + 10 3-pulse squats
Then 9 of each, then 8...3, 2, 1

Day 22: Pyramid Roundabout
Front lunge + side lunge + back lunge + squat = 1 rep
Complete 1 rep each side, then 2 reps each side, then 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 each side

I'm loving the squat challenge so far! Hope you're willing to join in the fun--the tight tush is coming along!


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