Monday, October 19, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Pirate and My Shellfish Aversion

Despite missing the opportunity to travel north to see my family and celebrate our friends' recent wedding, we ended up enjoying a really lovely weekend. The weather even cooperated and gave us some cool days! Well, except Saturday afternoon, when we visited the pumpkin patch and regretted our timing immediately. 

Still, we loved watching Marshall play in the pumpkin patch. There were huge, clear pathways, but Marshall chose to walk among the pumpkins, stumbling and tripping the whole way. He kept trying to pick up the pumpkins ("muh"?), and he showed a lot of interest in the chickens ("bock! bock!"). 

We dressed him as a pirate. It was cute.

That evening we went to dinner at The Boiling Crab, which we've wanted to try for a while. Marshall scarfed down half a pound of shrimp by himself, but a lot of the spices were too much for him. (Honestly, they were too spicy for me, too!) I did not like that the shellfish is all served whole. So the head, shells, legs, etc., all intact. I made Terry do ALL the peeling! I absolutely cannot handle shellfish faces, tentacles, etc. (although I love the food itself), which is strange because I have no problem handling a raw chicken or a full fish. Why is that? Terry said I had to share my weird aversion here, so there you go. 

After dinner, I insisted on stopping at Simple Things for pie. We went with banana cream, it was delicious, and long story short--I ended up making banana cream pie from scratch today.

It's a work in progress, but I'll share the recipe when I'm satisfied. Lots of testing in my future. :-)

This morning our little family headed up to UCLA for some time outside and so that I could run the bleachers. 

Marshall had a blast kicking a ball around, so I think he got his exercise in for the day.

Originally, the squat challenge plan called for a HIIT workout: 10 squats, 10 180 squat jumps, repeat for 90 seconds, then rest 60 seconds; repeat for 7 total rounds. I originally hoped to tack that workout on to the stairs thing, but as usual my eyes were bigger than my muscles. Instead, I just did the stairs snake twice and called it a day! We also hit 12,000 steps by 11 am thanks to the long walk to campus and back. 

I had a lot more pictures to share, but they aren't loading for some reason. I'll post them tonight if all goes well, or perhaps they'll remain a mystery forever. 

The only photo that did come through is this one:
Cereal in a mug is more fun than a bowl.

So there you go.

Off to start the day before my little sidekick wakes up! 


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