Sunday, October 25, 2015

Underwood Family Farms

This weekend started with an exciting outing to Underwood Family Farms! 

Terry had Friday off, so we all trekked up to Moorpark for a family day at the farm. I've always wanted to go, and it worked out to be able to attend during pumpkin season, which was twice the fun!

After breakfast, we hit the road around 8 am to arrive at the farm as it opened. We spent a little over two hours exploring, picking through pumpkins, choosing some produce to bring home, meeting the animals, riding in wagons, and sitting on tractors. Here are some photos from our adventure!

The best part of the whole day: riding in a wagon.

Every time we go out together as a family now, I make sure we all wear something nice and I do my hair and makeup in hopes that maybe we'll capture a holiday-card-quality photo. So far, we're 0 for 4. But don't you worry, I'm going to keep trying!

Baby goats. Ridiculous.

This kid turned 17 months on Friday, too!

We had a wonderful morning at the farm!

The rest of our weekend was less adventurous but fun nonetheless. We relaxed and worked around the house Friday afternoon. Saturday we played at the park, knocked out our squats, and took Marshall to the library. For dinner Terry made us all homemade banh mi sandwiches--they were amazing! And today we enjoyed a long walk to the farmers' market before spending most of the day at home. What a fun weekend! (I'm completely beat.)

And speaking of squats, here's the plan for the week:

Monday (Day 26):
7 rounds:
- squat + jump squat (1 min)
- 30 sec rest
- plie squat + plie squat jump (1 min)
- 30 sec rest

Wednesday (Day 28):
5 rounds:
- alternating side squats (1 min)
- alternating side lunges (1 min)
- rest 1 min

Friday (Day 30--and done!):
Max (or 3 minutes each):
- Squats
- Plie Squats
- Wall Sit
- Plie Pulses

Have a wonderful week! 


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