Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kitchen Tasks and Daily

Since before Marshall was born, I've been excited to get him into the kitchen to help me and cook with me. I've hard a hard time, though, coming up with little tasks I can assign to him. Ideally I'd like stuff that doesn't require tons of immediate supervision so maybe I can be doing some chopping/sauteeing/whatever while he's "working" next to me. I have found a few that work now that he's getting a little older, such as:

- having him sit on the counter with me when I make smoothies, and he pushes the buttons (thankfully, so far, he actually waits until I ask him to push, so no smoothie explosions yet...knock on wood) and also adds the frozen berries into the blender

- showing me where things go (this one is sort of a fun game we play with him where we ask him where things go when we're putting dishes away, and he's actually really observant because he knows most of the places!)

- taking all the Tupperware out of the drawer and putting it into the kitchen island (not helpful, but a good distraction for him)

- a new one this week: taking the potatoes out of the bag and putting them into the colander for me to wash 

Any other suggestions?

Some scenes from today:

Today we had one of my favorite breakfasts: scrambled eggs, salsa, and tortillas. And tea, because mama needs tea.

And today was our last day at My Gym! :-( I'm actually really sad to say goodbye, but we decided to take a break at least for now. I still highly recommend it if you have a little one! It's very serious business, though.

I ate a salad today for lunch. Voluntarily. We had a ton of Romaine lettuce (thanks, Mom!), so I threw some Manchego cheese, sliced red grapes, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar on top and actually really loved it.

And then later we had some smoothies. Marshall's ready for Oktoberfest. Double fisting like a champ.

He's weird.

Squats tonight weren't too bad, and we skipped yoga because it was a long one (35 minutes), so we'll save it for tomorrow. Terry had to work a few hours tonight and I enjoyed a bit of rest.

Bonus: We've been taking things a little slower around here (when Marshall's awake, anyway; when he's asleep I'm like a little turbo robot racing around getting things done), and yesterday we stopped to watch the helicopters overhead. Granted, later I found out they were there for an incident in our neighborhood where a gunman was in an apartment, but still, it was fun to watch Marshall's reactions.

Hope you have a great day!


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