Thursday, October 29, 2015

Truck-Lining-Up Skills

Happy FRIDAY!!! Yay! We made it! Next week brings some big changes for our little family, and I'll share more this weekend, but for now we're enjoying a little time with PopPop and JanJan. We're also really excited for Halloween! Marshall is going to be a dog; Terry and I don't have costumes yet (should we dress up?); and we're going to hang out with friends at home and keep it all very simple. I'll be sure to share photos!

Meanwhile, my parents arrived yesterday for a quick visit (they had planned a trip to Puerto Vallarta and had to cancel because of the crazy hurricane last weekend). We started off with a stroll down Third Street in Santa Monica.

Marshall loved the dinosaur fountains. Mama regretted forgetting an extra pair of pants, because that kid was soaked from all the water!

My parents also brought Eiger for a visit! (Remember when he was "little"?) Yeah, now he's 75 pounds and only 6 months old. And still adorable and SO sweet! I also couldn't believe how well behaved he is! My parents are great dog owners, and I am extremely impressed with their hard work with Eiger. He is calm, sweet, obedient, and still playful! 

Last night we ordered pizza and hung out at home. Then this morning we headed to the dog park with Eiger and Marshall, and I'm really not sure who of all of us had the most fun. We saw so many fun breeds--Bloodhound, Basset hound, Great Dane (only 4 months old but probably 60 pounds), Golden Retrievers, a Doberman, and more. All the dogs were friendly, and Eiger had a blast running around with them!

Marshall had a blast, too. He and JanJan raced around in the crazy wind before we all headed back.

My parents took over for a while so I could run out for some errands, and I even stopped by to have lunch with Terry! I always love seeing that guy in the middle of the day! Later in the afternoon, Marshall demonstrated his truck-lining-up skills. Impressive, no?

Tonight Terry is at a Clippers game, so my parents hung out with me until a bit ago. Now I'm hoping to watch a few episodes of Friends and doze off on the couch, so happy Friday to you! I'll be back to share my news soon!


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