Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good Ol' WIAW

Story of my life:

I swear my desk was organized on Tuesday. I don't know what happened.

Lately I feel like I'm finding great ways to get organized, but I seem to only be able to organize one area of my life at a time. Right now, my desk at work is (obviously) chaos. But the house is pretty clean. Next week I'm sure it'll all switch around. If not, it's just a slow downward spiral toward pure insanity in all aspects of life. 

Speaking of which, have you been standing more at work lately? I'm trying to do more grading while standing, and perhaps that explains the lack of attention to the desk. Oh well. Can't win 'em all, right?

Today was also Day Three of No Morning Workout this week, which felt fantastic. Terry and I felt ridiculously sore from our deck of cards HIIT workout from Monday, so we took the day off. The extra sleep gave me a little pep in my step, but I'm looking forward to getting up for our regular routine tomorrow. Get ready, legs--I'm comin' for you.

Meanwhile, here are today's meals:

 6:30 am - Breakfast - French toast with berries and peanut butter (recycled photo!), plus tea

 10:30 am - Snack - 3 Cuties (okay, Josies)--unpictured

1:00 pm - Lunch - Leftover fish, rice, beans, and veggies bowl from Wahoo's (forgot to take a photo--thanks, Internet!)

3:30 pm - Hot chocolate while grading at Starbucks

5:00 pm - Appetizers - Cheese, crackers, and bread, plus mocktails (half sparkling water, half pomegranate sparkling juice, lemon slice)

7:30 pm - Dinner - Ina Garten's grilled swordfish with arugula, plus steamed artichokes and lemon butter

Sooooo good! Terry grilled these bad boys perfectly. I don't normally love seafood, but the grill really added a lot of flavor. And the lemon-arugula combination rocked! That Ina...she knows what she's doing.

9:00 pm - Dessert - TBD. I'm leaning toward something peanut buttery with perhaps a few chocolate chunks thrown in. Mmmm...

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Do you BBQ? Link up recipes below--we're trying to use our grill more!


  1. Go make these Grilled Passion Fruit Pork Satay Skewers now. I love skewers and they are perfect for grilling.

  2. we are exTexans.
    we literally try to grill EVERYTHING!

  3. I've graded a number of papers at Starbucks too! Haha. My mom and I went there when my car was getting worked on... And she happened to have a stack some tests with her. I'm always a sucker for grading, so I was all for it :)