Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Your Legs and Booty

Well, if you're reading this on Thursday, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have some plans that involve chocolate and/or wine tonight--and perhaps a loved one, also.

(Okay, can you do me a favor? I wanted to embed an ecard here, but they're all hilarious, so just go read them and laugh a little and then come back.)

(Pretty good, right?)

Before you get your Valentine's celebrating on, I highly recommend a little treat to yourself: a bootylicious workout sounds like just the thing!

(Sorry if that's gigantic. The difference between "large" and "extra-large" pictures is surprisingly huge.)

This workout incorporates some really tough weight exercises in a progressive format with some bodyweight-only workouts where you get an active rest period before hitting the next set. I really liked the variety and challenge here, and I hope you will, too!

As for WIAW, today was unique because I got to chaperone a field trip with ninth and tenth graders to UCLA. It was a real treasure (<--whenever I use that word, which, sadly, isn't often, I think of SNL's Martha Stewart parodies) to experience my alma mater from a new perspective and share that joy with my students. Plus, it was a beautiful day!

Some eats to fuel the day:
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6:30 am - Breakfast - Homemade toast and peanut butter, plus tea

10:00 am - Snack - Banana and two Cuties

12:30 pm - Lunch - Salad on campus with mixed greens, garbanzo beans, mozzarella, cucumbers, croutons, and balsamic and olive oil

2:00 pm - Snack - Another Cutie

4:30 pm - Snack (yep, a third one!) - A few dark M&Ms and another piece of toast with PB

7:15 pm - Dinner - Toasted French bread with burrata, tomatoes, and pesto (delicious combo, by the way!)

9:00 pm - Dessert - Caramel brownies with homemade ice cream

A delicious day! And tomorrow promises to be even better; our Valentine's plans include fondue at home. We like to keep things low key on V-Day.

Any Valentine's plans? Do you prefer to go out or stay in? 

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  1. oh man jealous of the fondue at home, have a great day!