Tuesday, February 12, 2013

That Tuesday Feeling

What a day! Aren't Tuesdays supposed to be a little dull? Mundane? I think on Seinfeld George and Elaine have a discussion about how Tuesday "doesn't have a feel"--don't you think that's true? Don't you think Tuesdays are just sorta there, and we endure them but essentially let them pass by?

Scout thinks Tuesdays are scary.

Well anyway, today wasn't a typical Tuesday. I spent almost the entire day talking today--VERY rare, because I try to incorporate a lot of group work and partner work in my classes. So come 2:35, I was pretty exhausted, but I rallied for a great opportunity at UCLA. As a young alumna, I was invited to speak on a panel to discuss some of my views about philanthropy. Of course, I was honored to speak, but I was more thrilled to get the chance to speak with some of the other attendees, including two incredibly well-spoken current students, the Chancellor's wife, Mrs. Carol Block, and--my conversation buddy after the panel--a biochemistry researcher and professor at UCLA.

Dr. Biochem and me? What could I--the English major and teacher--possibly have to say to a biochemistry professor? Well, my friends, as it turns out, a lot. I asked about her research, and she told me all about their studies of energy metabolism! I seriously responded, "You are my hero!" Yes. I am a nerd. And honestly, I didn't totally understand everything she told me, but I find it all fascinating and hope that one day I'll be smart enough to get it. I think--and forgive my embarrassing lack of basic science here--that her research is looking at how oxidation affects membranes, which means that certain lipids and/or (again, forgive me) essential fatty acids react in different ways to oxygen. They can affect how nutrients and other materials are taken up by cells.

So, okay, maybe none of that made any sense, but Dr. Biochem fascinated me and made me hungry for more knowledge about the way metabolism functions in our bodies. For the most part, it seems the research has been drastically simplified over the years. One BIG takeaway for me today was that Dr. Biochem's research--and plenty of other research--has shown that exercise can change aspects of our bodies that were previously believed to be genetic or unchangeable.

Okay, enough science talk (or Julie's version of science, which is likely completely inaccurate and should not be quoted). Let's focus instead on some health and fitness that I am actually qualified to discuss.

Our workout this morning: my 5-4-3-2-1 Workout (we woke up late and kept it simple). And last night we hit the gym for an awesome upper body workout.

We did three sets: First set--light weight, 15-20 reps. Second set--medium weight, 10-12 reps. Third set--heavy weight, 5-8 reps. Exercises, completed as a circuit:

  • One-Leg Biceps Curls (switch legs halfway through)
  • Reverse Curls
  • Chest Fly on Ball
  • Dumbbell Bench Press
  • One-Arm Dumbbell Row on Ball
  • Wide-Grip Bent Over Row
  • Triceps Cable Pull Down
  • Triceps Extension
And let's just say we're both super sore today! I'm glad tomorrow is a leg day.

Speaking of tomorrow, I get to return to UCLA for a field trip with some lucky students and another teacher. I can't wait to go on an official tour with all the kids! I used to be a Tour Guide at UCLA, and it was such a fun and rewarding job. I hope we get a great guide tomorrow to show the students how awesome the university is! 

One more highlight of the day: 

Macaroni and cheese (recipe from 100 Days of Real Food) with roasted zucchini, broccoli, and asparagus. 

Also on the docket tomorrow: no morning workout. Terry and I both need to be at work extra-early tomorrow, so we're planning to get our fitness on in the afternoon. 

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  1. Your evening workout sounds tough, but at the same time awesome!