Monday, February 25, 2013

Terrible Service, Excellent Weekend

*Note: I have one Oscar spoiler here, so if you haven't heard the results and for some reason don't want to know, come back later. 

This weekend, we had some terrible service. Twice.

First, we woke up lazily yesterday and I suggested going out for breakfast. Terry found a new-to-us place on Yelp called Food. Yes, that's the actual name. I judged a little, but the menu looked fantastic, so we went for it.

Upon arrival, the hostess greeted us at the door and told us it would be about 10 minutes and we could wait outside. A few minutes later, a couple showed up and walked into the restaurant without being greeted, then ordered ahead of us and scored one of the last tables. The hostess then invited us inside, told us to get in line and order and seat ourselves. I swear, we've never felt so confused. Why on earth did we have to wait outside when it was an order-and-seat-yourself?

Anyway, despite the odd greeting and seating situation, we found a table and thought the food was decent. Not great, not horrible, but also probably not good enough to entice us to come back. It was still fun to try a new place.

Later, in the evening, Terry and I headed out for an evening with his coworkers at a banquet. The night turned out to be a blast, especially catching up with Terry's work buddies, but the meal service was again confusing and hilarious. We had pre-ordered salmon, because we've decided not to eat meat during Lent. Well, our waiter came over to announce that they were out of salmon, so would we like prime rib or chicken?

Umm...neither. We can't eat meat. Hilariously, the waiter seemed annoyed and irritated with us for being so demanding. Yet, somehow, a few minutes later, two delicious salmon meals were delivered to our table.

We also enjoyed a fun tomato bisque with puff pastry on top. Deliciously nutritionless. :-)

Despite the odd service this weekend, we had a great time. Relaxing and enjoying each other's company was the name of the game; we started a jigsaw puzzle, tried a new recipe or two, watched old Modern Family episodes, and talked about some future plans.

The highlight of this evening was an awesome Oscars party at a friend of a friend's house. We showed up around 4 and didn't leave until the show was over at 9. We particularly loved Seth MacFarlane's hilarious writing and the musical numbers, and of course I had something to say about each of the dresses and hairstyles. But the best part was that the host, Arnold, had an Oscar pool where we each filled out ballots and then also random envelopes where we got to play along with the presenters. We each received a stack of envelopes, and if our envelope had the winning movie or person, we won a bit of cash. We all got pretty competitive and loved the fact that we could win even without knowing a thing about the nominees.


And now it's late, and another week begins tomorrow. Any big plans for fitness and health this week? We're starting our training for our 10K, and I'm excited to share the plan with you tomorrow!


  1. gah bad service just kills me, even if the food is great I would consider not going back.

  2. Argh bad service just ruins the whole experience, even more than excessive service. Your Oscar party sounds awesome, I need to do something like that next year!