Thursday, February 14, 2013

Short and Sweet

Terry and I like to keep Valentine's Day super mellow. We stayed in this year and made a very low-key (15 minutes!) dinner.

Fondue for dinner, with lots of options for dipping

I even put aside grading for the night so we could enjoy a few stress-free hours together, which included last night's Modern Family and The Soup.

Some gifts: Scout got Terry a new UCLA keychain; I got Terry a night on the Queen Mary and Skyfall; Terry got me a framed photo of Scout for my classroom and Stella chalices (I've wanted these for awhile!)

Plus flowers from my Valentine

Scout was less than thrilled with the gift exchange and spent the evening chewing the bow

I ended up skipping the workout this morning and stuck to abs and stretching this evening. No complaints here about a day off! I'm already looking forward to a solid cardio workout tomorrow.

Despite the seemingly simple Valentine's Day, I'm thrilled for such a great evening at home with my love(s). I've got a killer cardio and core plan for tomorrow morning, so I'll be sure to share if I like it!

How was Valentine's Day? Any traditions or new experiences?


  1. Such a sweet day! Love the fondue for dinner idea.

  2. gosh fondue at home, now that is pretty sweet

  3. So easy to do. Except needing to remember to get Sterno to heat the pot.