Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Awhile back, Terry got invited to go on a dive trip to Belize with the company who has been training him. Originally, we thought we could figure out a way for me to join him on the trip, but between work and timing, it just wasn’t going to happen. But my parents offered to visit for a few nights and then drive me back up for some waterskiing. You can read about their visit here and here.

Thursday night, my parents and I zoomed out of inched our way out of LA and stopped for a quick dinner in Arvin, which is about one-quarter of the way up to the Bay Area. Can you believe my mother had never eaten Chipotle before this fateful night? Well, I convinced her she would be able to create a healthy salad, and she loved it! We were off to a good start.

We made it to my parents’ house in Fremont around 12:30 am and tried to sleep a little before a fairly early morning. Dad made me a delicious breakfast and then we were off to the delta for the weekend. Pops and I stopped to pick up our boat and Mom drove a separate car up for me to take to the airport upon my departure, since they would be staying a night later than I.

Friday was windy and cold, unfortunately, but I was excited to see the addition my parents are building for their little vacation home up there. The one-bedroom house now has another big room attached, much better for guests and for the six of us (me, Terry, Mom, Dad, Chris, and Ashley) to sleep. Plus dogs. Plus any other guests we want to bring up! We’re all excited to have more space, and it’ll be finished in just a few weeks!

Friday afternoon Mom and I took a quick jog around the island and then spent the day relaxing before Chris and Ashley and the dogs arrived. “The boys” (Achilles and Tango) love the delta, so it’s fun to have their energy around us. Friday night we ate a pasta dinner, which you can check out here.

Saturday morning brought more wind and two more visitors: Matt and Amy. Matt and his brother, Nick, and my brother and I all grew up together, and our parents are all best friends. The Johnsons have a house next to ours at the delta, and we’ve grown up water skiing, wake boarding, kneeboarding, and playing together. Now that we all have our significant others, we still hang out (and Nick and his wife Jocelyn live in LA, so we still see each other quite often!). It’s such a blessing to have this incredible “extended family,” and we still cherish the time we spend at the delta together.

Once Matt and Amy arrived, I got to lead a boot camp foreveryone, and then we spent the day lovin’ life out on the island. I indulged too much on junk food and drinks, but it was nice to relax so completely. I even napped two of the days!

This morning we finally had good weather! Diane led us all on a delta frolicking workout, which I alluded to yesterday but didn’t fully understand until I experienced it. What is frolicking, you ask? Well, please allow me to show you.

Along with frolicking, we each took turns choosing an exercise for everyone to do, including but not limited to jogging, skipping, walking, sprinting, jumping on one foot, running up and down some hills, inchworms, arm circles, and lots more! It was about 3 miles round trip, and we had a blast challenging each other with fun exercises!

After our fun workout, we all devoured a delicious brunch of egg casserole, fruit, potatoes, and champagne.

Then, since the wind had died down, my mom and I each got a ski run in for the first time this season. The water was still super choppy, but it felt good to be back behind the boat!

That's me!

Other highlights of the weekend:
Dad's hat

Our little neighborhood

Achilles in his little pool

Paddle boarding

Several families of geese!

With babies!

 I hope your Memorial Day is peaceful and fun and that you take a moment to remember why this day is so special.

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