Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Like Clockwork

Lately I've noticed our cat's daily routines, mostly because I've gotten to be home all week. Scout has endless energy in the morning. Usually, he wakes us up by jumping on the bed near our heads or hopping up on all the furniture in our room. Then he'll run around the house, flicking a toy and then racing away. If I try to sit at my computer or sit down to eat, he'll find something naughty to do, like jumping on the kitchen table or attacking the recycling, which means I have to get up to get him down. He loves this "game" as much as I hate it. Then, without fail, at 1:00 pm, he finds a cozy place to snuggle up and falls asleep. I love this time of day, because he is so sweet and usually chooses to cuddle up right next to me.

I'm getting sleepy...

All curled up

Sometimes I like to sleep in weird positions

...and in weird places

Sure enough, like clockwork, today Scout curled up at exactly 12:59 and promptly fell asleep next to me on the couch while I ate lunch. And that's when I finally got some work done!

Workout: Stairs
Unlike clockwork, I switched my workout to the afternoon. Usually, when I have the day off, I prefer to work out in the morning to get it over with. But today, Jenn and I had plans to meet up for a little exercise. We parked in Westwood and jogged to campus. UCLA has an awesome track stadium where anyone can run the stairs. Oh, the stairs. There are 15 sets of about 85 steps. In college, running the "Drake snake" always kicked my butt, and today was no different. After our one-mile warm up run, Jenn and I climbed every single step. The "snake" is where you go up one set, down the next, and so forth. For each time going up, we alternated running one stair at a time and jogging two stairs at a time. We did the snake twice but walked the last three "ups".

The workout was great! I loved having a workout buddy, especially since Terry has been working late almost every night. But it was also great because Jenn and I are very compatible in terms of how in shape we are and the level to which we like to challenge ourselves. We rewarded ourselves with some happy hour action: sweet potato fries and beer. I always love catching up with Jenn! And tonight, Terry and I got to enjoy Sunday night's leftovers. Yum!

I can't believe today was my fourth day off already. Why do vacations always go by so quickly?! I'm still excited about the rest of the week (several new recipes to try!), but I wish I had Evie's powers to freeze time from Out of this World. Remember that show?


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