Monday, January 2, 2012

European Christmas Recap in Photos

And here we are in 2012! Let's catch up a bit on the last day of last year and then move into the new.

After my post from the British Library on Saturday, Terry and I grabbed a pub lunch of fish 'n' chips and then rested up for our big night...which never happened. You see, we bought cornish pasties for dinner and then enjoyed a beer at a pub. But almost immediately after, I felt pretty terrible. I assumed it was just one of my old stomachaches, since we hadn't been eating particularly healthy meals. But by 11:30, it was obvious that this "ache" was much, much worse. And so began one of the worst nights of my life. I'll spare you the gory details, but let's just say I had never had food poisoning before and sincerely hope I never get it again! OUCH!

After a less-than-exciting midnight "celebration" (which included a meek, "Happy New Year!" while watching London's fireworks on the TV, though you could also see them from our hotel window) and very little sleep, we sadly said goodbye to London and headed to the Tube for Heathrow. The ride home was rough, but, thankfully, the worst was over, and I felt better and better over the course of the flight. Ultimately, we were glad to be home to our little guy and our super comfy couch, where we promptly fell asleep at 7 pm.

In all, it was a wonderful vacation, and I'm excited to finally share some pictures with you guys! I'll post again with a review of our hotels and activities, in case any of you plan to visit in the future. Enjoy!

The streets of Paris

Christmas markets on Christmas morning

With my travel bible - Rick Steves

Marron chaud - roasted chestnuts!

Terry liked them more than I did.

Walking along Camps Elysee, a major shopping street in Paris

Arc du Triomphe

Lunch on Christmas - yummy cafe sandwiches

Along the Seine
Notre Dame on Christmas

Awesome bookstore featured in the movie Midnight in Paris, which, if you haven't see it, is a great movie!

The City of Light.

Beautiful Christmas lights around the city.

Terry under the Eiffel Tower at night.
Day 2: Climbing the Eiffel Tower.

Still climbing...

On the first level of the tower

A stunning view

Did you know there's an ice rink on the Eiffel Tower?

Made it to the second level! 669 steps!

Trying to act like locals - people kiss a lot in Paris!

Terry's idea

Reading with a view of the tower 

Terry has become an expert at one-handed shots of us.

The cheese shop!

Bakery/Pastry shop - I think I just about melted when I tasted their croissants.

So delicious! By the way, walking around with a baguette under your arm is very Parisian.


Me, being a goober.

Terry on the streets of Paris

At Moulin Rouge after our walk through Montemarte

Hotel picnic! Baguettes, cheese, and pastries.
Click here to see the rest of the photos!


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