Monday, January 23, 2012

Hubby's Home! And a Live Informercial

Terry is back! After almost two months of flying back and forth from Florida, working 12-16 hour days, and almost never getting a chance to talk to me, my husband has made his return to not-so-sunny LA. And boy, did I have some awesome plans in store for this rainy Monday.

Since today is a grading day at our school, we squeezed in a workout (20 minutes on the elliptical plus some bicep curls and lat pull downs), and I convinced Terry to try an egg, cheese, and jelly biscuit sandwich.
He was skeptical at first, but...

It was a winner!
Terry joined me in my classroom today while I graded and he read Game of Thrones (which, by the way, he recommends to Tolkien fans, fantasy readers, or people who like the HBO show). Afterward, I asked to stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond for some new food storage containers.
Terry helped me calculate the best combination for our money.

I love OXO containers!!! (Too much? Perhaps.)

It was really a gorgeous day whenever it stopped raining.

San Marino - one of my favorite So Cal cities, because Father of the Bride
was filmed there and the neighborhoods are just awesome.
 Then we met up with Terry's parents for dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant in Pasadena.
Edamame appetizer

Spider roll
 On our way home, I suggested some ice cream, and we wound up picking up a couple pints of Ben & Jerry's for dessert. Boy, does Terry regret this decision. Ralph's announced a free gift for shoppers, so of course I had to check it out. One infomercial-style presentation later, I scored a knife set for an extra-special price with one-time-only free gifts! Can you believe that?! (Terry says I need to confess that I have a serious love of infomercials. Getting to see one live may have been one of the greatest things I've ever experienced in a grocery store.)

Plus we got a strange little juicer/apple corer that I'm stoked to try!
Not bad for a Monday, right? I'm so thrilled to have my husband home and must leave you now to get back to catching up on our TV shows and cuddle time.


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