Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dance Like No One is Watching

Tonight's 30 Rock (so happy it's back!) quoted a line that we dancers used to say all the time: Dance like no one's watching. The point behind this quote is to really go for it. I don't know about you, but I definitely go for it when (I think) no one is watching.

Examples? In my car, I sing and dance along with the radio. If no good songs are on, I'll turn off the radio and sing whatever song I want. When I'm cooking, if no one's home, I'll pretend I'm hosting a cooking show and talk through the recipe. I dance, but then, I do that even if people are watching. When I go running, I sing out loud when the run gets tough. In my classroom, I dance and sing when students aren't on campus.

Truth be told, I'm also this much of a goober when people are around, but it's just less awkward when I'm alone. No witnesses to tell the world I'm off my rocker.

I bring up this topic in an effort to push past self consciousness when it comes to being healthy. You know that feeling? When you wish no one was around so you could do the fitness thing without feeling like an audience is ready to laugh at you any second? It's easy to feel like people are judging what level I'm at when I run on a treadmill or that someone might be laughing at me in my first kickboxing class. But we have to go for it anyway. Being able to laugh at myself is a huge relief in those situations.

Tips for stress-free fitness:

  • Bring a friend! It's always easier to feel comfortable when you have a buddy. If you can't bring a friend, make a new friend at the gym!
  • If you're using equipment for the first time, ask a gym employee to help you. You might even learn a whole new exercise!
  • In a class, stand where you can see the instructor. Watching another confused classmate won't help you much.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. If you feel good, you'll be much more confident!
  • Face your fear. If taking a hip hop class sounds super intimidating, start with something simpler, like a basic aerobics class or a beginning Zumba. As you take more classes, you'll gain confidence and work your way up to your goal.
  • Find your groove. Music helps me relax and enjoy my workout; find what works for you to get you pumped and focused!

And most importantly, dance like no one is watching!


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