Thursday, January 19, 2012

Arms, Abs, and Eggs with Pizza

Happy Thursday! This week had its ups and downs for me: Mom was in town, but Terry was gone, and it turns out he won't be coming home until Monday now. Four more days alone? Gotta get my girly indulgences in before he comes back...

It's finals week at school, so I was able to leave a little early to get some errands and chores done. I get way too excited about days with potential for productivity. I made another too-long to-do list, which I will likely never finish, but a girl can dream. Still, after a car wash, laundry, tidying up, and finishing up my cheerleaders' dance that I'm teaching tomorrow, I completed an upper body workout. I was so excited to try out the stability ball I bought at Target last week, and I'm even sitting on it now as I type this little post.

To spice things up a bit, I used my new stability ball and really intensified this workout! It would still be great without a ball, but I used it for the push ups (ankles on top of the ball), military press (sit on the ball), crunches (on top of the ball), and dumbbell bench press (lay on top of the ball). I also used the resistance band that came with the ball for the shoulder raises - just stand on the center of the band and hold the ends.

This workout was perfect for today. My arms felt fatigued but not exhausted, and after some dance cardio it was a nice, light workout. I have big plans for some more intense workouts this weekend, so stay tuned.

Soon enough, Scout reminded me that it was dinner time, so I created a pretty random meal of pizza, spring lettuce, and fried eggs. 

Am I weird, or do other people think this combination works?

Surprisingly (or not?) delicious.

Runny egg salad.
 I guess that's what happens when I cook for only myself.

I was thrilled that I had my workout, dinner, dishes, and lunch for tomorrow done by 8:30. Then I spent some time with the little cat.

He prefers this arrangement for his toy mice. In or near the food bowl. Obviously.

Viciously adorable.

Attack stance.
Tomorrow is Friday, the last day of first semester at the school where I teach. This semester has been the toughest of my teaching career - even more difficult than my first year of teaching when I was still taking credential courses. So I am thrilled for a fresh start and the second half of the year, and why not have it start tomorrow?


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