Sunday, January 22, 2012

Workout Procrastination

This morning, my hopes for a killer workout washed away with the torrential (exaggeration - we do live in LA after all) rains that would have made excellent background noise for sleeping in, had I not woken up anyway. Since our gym doesn't open until 8 on weekends and I wasn't up for a video workout, I promised myself I would do it later and instead spent the morning cuddling with Scout, making a delicious smoothie, and leisurely getting ready for my day. 

Today I had a full-day meeting/retreat for a young alumni volunteer organization at UCLA. The day was very successful and loaded with opportunities to get to know fellow Bruins. I am grateful to have a chance to meet new friends and make connections I wouldn't have otherwise. Two specific highlights included a private lunchtime performance by a UCLA singing group and a cupcake surprise from one of the other volunteers.

Awaken A Cappella

Delicious cupcakes with a cookie inside!
 The cupcake is courtesy of Dorothy, who was a winner on Food Network's Cupcake Wars! Her goodies are available to be shipped nationwide, and I most certainly went back for seconds!

When I came home, I had to attack the workout that I had failed to complete this morning. I reluctantly forced myself to complete 20 minutes on the treadmill and 15 on the elliptical, which all turned out to feel pretty good by the end. Not the intensity I had hoped for, but still something and still challenging. Some days that's all we can get!

Finally, I ran over to Fresh Corn Grill for a little takeout and enjoyed a vegetable corn bowl with corn, brown rice, zucchini, asparagus, and a BBQ Asian sauce. 

Yes, the bowl is on top of a pad of paper. Yes, I was too lazy to move the bowl.  But yes, it still tasted delicious.

I put on Under the Tuscan Sun and got some chores done. Then, because I'm awesome, I spilled water all over myself while doing dishes. 

Happy Saturday night to me! (Do you love my stylish outfit?)
Hope you had a great day. I'm excited for a day of farmers' market, church, yoga, and dinner with Jenn before finally picking up Terry at the airport!

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  1. I always spill water on me at least once while doing the dishes. Sometimes I even wear an apron :)