Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Food during Finals

What a week! Shouldn't short weeks feel short? But then, where would the fun be?

Today, our school's last day of finals, gave me time to grade and get organized and also some fun time with my cheerleaders. I choreographed a routine and taught it to them today, which made for a challenging and hilarious day. Then, since we had to meet up again at four for the game, I squeezed in a short workout.


  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 4 x 20 calf raises
  • 1 mile jog
  • 2 x 25 lunges
  • Inchworm* - 25 yards
  • Backwards Inchworm** - 25 yards
  • 6 bleacher sets
*Inchworm: With your feet together, bend forward to touch your toes; then walk your hands forward until you're in a plank. Finally, walk your feet up to meet your hands, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Repeat.
**Backwards Inchworm: With your feet together, bend forward to touch your toes; then walk your feet back with your legs as straight as possible until you reach a plank position. Then walk your hands in to meet your feet. Repeat.

I was surprised to feel pretty fatigued after this workout, though it wasn't anything crazy. It felt good to get something in, though, and it energized me for the evening. Days when I teach and stay for games are super tough. I often try to get off campus for some errands or something, but today I stayed the whole time. I also have to bring my lunch, snacks, and dinner, which makes for a pretty sad environment for eating. Today my coworker and I were joking about the fact that we eat our lunches with a bunch of teenagers. Fun sometimes, yes, but often just sad.

Tonight's dinner didn't make me sad at all! Well, except for the fact that I ate it at 4:00. Yeah, that's right, I have to eat that early if I bring a hot meal, but it was worth it! I used Mom's leftovers fajitas from the other night and combined black beans, chicken, onions, peppers, and broccoli in a bowl. Then, since my tortilla was torn from the ride over, I ripped it up and added it to the bowl. 

It was delicious! Note to self: fajita bowls ROCK.

Even after that huge fajita bowl, I felt starving by the time I got home tonight at 9:30. I took a page from last night and plated up 2 fried eggs, a big handful of spring mix salad, and toast with cream cheese and jelly. Green veggies, protein, whole grains, and some sweetness. Perfect late night snack!

Sweet and salty and delicious!

I'm seriously exhausted and excited for a big workout tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. Hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. Forgot to post this little gem last night.

Scout love s to "hide" behind my laptop while I work!


  1. At least Scout "hides". My passive-aggressive cat will strut over to my keyboard and plop himself down right on top of it. If he's feeling less lazy, he'll stand in front of my screen and block it until I pay attention to him. haha :) Fajita bowl looks delicious!

    1. Scout does that sometimes too! And he turns off my wireless in the process, which drives me crazy. :-) My goodness, this fajita bowl WAS delicious. It sorta looked gross but tasted amazing!