Sunday, January 29, 2012

Road Runner Shoes

What a wonderful Sunday! After church, Terry and I headed up to Road Runner in Thousand Oaks to buy our new half-marathon training shoes. We chose Road Runner because they analyze your foot and your running style in order to help you choose the best shoes. I'm sure there are other stores that perform similar assessments if you're interested, but we had a great experience at this particular store!

Terry learned he has very high arches.

I learned that my feet are completely different from each other, likely due to my surgery.

They create custom insoles for your new shoes to provide ideal arch support.

Our new running gear!

I ended up with Asics stabilizers, running socks, and a water bottle belt.

Terry also got Asics, running socks, and a water bottle with a hand strap.
The whole experience made me feel really comfortable with the shoes I purchased, and I loved learning more about my run. I knew a lot about my foot structure because of my bunions, but this analysis provided a lot more running-specific information. I want to ensure that I'm being smart about the right gear as we start to increase our mileage, and now I know that we are! While the total cost was quite hefty, I feel it's worth preventing injury and knowing we have the right shoes for our feet.

After the big purchase, we met our friends Katie and Corey for lunch at a delicious Mexican restaurant in Thousand Oaks, 3 Amigos. I had enchiladas, and I swear I took a picture, but it disappeared on my phone. It was delicious! Everyone loved their food, and it was awesome catching up with our buddies. It's funny how living just 40 minutes away from each other means you have to really plan for a get together.
Back at home, we spent a good chunk of our afternoon reading - The Night Circus for me and Sacre Bleu for Terry. So far, we both highly recommend our books! I'll actually be participating in a book review link up with Julie's PBF Book Club, where I'll share my thoughts on the book and post a few questions for those who have read it or plan to read it. Get excited for that post on Wednesday!
iPad reading + tea makes for a terrific Sunday afternoon
 Of course, by 5:00, I was aching to try out my new shoes, but I wasn't up for a run. I completed the following:
*With your ankles on a stability ball and your hands/arms in plank position,
pull your knees into your chest, then extend your legs back out to plank
position. Repeat.
Afterward, I completed 15 minutes on the elliptical and ran one 8-minute mile on the treadmill. The strength workout was much harder than I expected, and I'm already sore! But it went by quickly and challenged my muscles, so I loved it.

Other highlights from the night:

Scout passed out on my lap

Leftover meatloaf sandwiches from last night

Dinner: leftover meatloaf sandwiches, sliced pear, carrots, and spinach salad.
A walk to Diddy Riese for ice cream to finish the evening.
Hope you enjoyed a great weekend! The three of us are curled up in bed and getting ready for a busy week. I have some exciting (for me) news to share with you tomorrow!

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