Friday, May 25, 2012

First Day at the Delta

A quick recap of today through photos...

Breakfast courtesy of Dad: two poached eggs, spinach, and a whole wheat English muffin 

Dinner: Dad's famous Caesar salad

Mom's lamb ragout (plus some unpictured alfredo)

Roasted vegetables

Post-dinner walk 

Beautiful sunset

Rather unsuccessful game, which is an adult (read: inappropriate) version of Apples to Apples

Not pictured:
  • Arriving in Fremont (where my parents live) around 12:30 last night and getting very little sleep
  • Lunch of leftover Chipotle bowl
  • Run/walk with Mom in the early afternoon
  • Delicious cocktails, to be featured later this weekend
  • A rousing rendition of "America the Beautiful" to kick off Memorial Day weekend

And now I'm off to bed to gear up for a full day tomorrow. I'm leading a boot camp in the morning, and we'll spend the rest of the day relaxing, reading, water skiing, drinking a few more cocktails, and eating. Rough life, right?

Hope you're enjoying the start of the long weekend! See you tomorrow with some summer cocktail recipes and the results of our boot camp!


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