Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIAW with Two Workouts

As I promised yesterday, here's that kickass workout I mentioned:

It was a good one! Walking, sprinting, jogging - no need to pick just one! Okay, on to today...

Wednesdays have somehow turned into my busiest day of the week. It seems that almost every Wednesday I have a late meeting or event, which inevitably gets me home around 9 pm. Ouch, huh? Honestly, the meetings aren’t so bad, and the drive home at 8:30 (well, tonight I left school at 9) is almost always free from traffic (hallelujah!). The problem is that once I am home, I realize all the things I don’t have time for: cleaning house, working out, watching our TV shows, checking e-mails, catching up on blog business. Once I get home it’s usually chat with Terry, blog, play with the kitten, go to bed.

Today was no exception. After school, we had practice for next year’s squad until 4:30. Then I prepped my lesson for tomorrow before heating up dinner and running to my six o’clock meeting on campus. Tomorrow should be much easier; we still have practice after school, but I’ll get to come home right after that.

So let’s take a look at my eats for this busy day, shall we?
The full spread, all ready to be packed up!
8:00 am – Breakfast

I made a batch of overnight oats this morning (so I guess they’re a-few-hours-in-the-morning oats?) and didn’t get a chance to enjoy them until I was settled in at the library to proctor a standardized test. While it seems that these proctor days should be easy, I find them to be more stressful because I have to prep a lesson for my sub and ensure that everything is organized before leaving my classroom. Plus grades were due today, and I had to double check that I had entered everything accurately. Talk about a busy Wednesday!

10:15 am – Morning snack of strawberries

12:15 pm – Lunch

Obviously, I ate it assembled. But you aren't supposed to refrigerate tomatoes or the bread I buy (from Great Harvest), so I kept those separate from the bell peppers/cream cheese container.
 I enjoyed a cream cheese-tomato-bell pepper sandwich on honey whole wheat bread during our faculty meeting today. It’s crazy to think there are only four and a half weeks of school left; the meeting focused on end of year reminders and finals information. Summer is almost here!

3:00 pm – Afternoon snack of carrots

Playing peek a boo?

I ate my carrots right after school so I would have energy but not be too full, because I planned to work out with my cheerleaders! (Hey, when the day gets busy, find a way to make it work!) It doesn’t happen often (either because I want to focus on what they’re doing or because I don’t bring my workout clothes), but I love working out with my girls. On one hand, it pushes me to work even harder to keep up with them; on the other hand, I think it’s good for the girls to see that their coach leads a healthy lifestyle. I try to show them (not just tell them) that exercise can be fun and extremely beneficial to their long term health, and I try to provide them with a variety of ideas for working out so that they can continue exercising after graduation.

Today’s workout with my girls looked like this:

Yes, it's blue and yellow for a reason!

The workout took about 45 minutes, and we took lots of water breaks because it was in the 80s today! Hey, summer, you're just about here, aren't you?

5:30 pm - Dinner

Leftovers from yesterday's veggie pasta. Easy, packed with vegetables, but not as good without the goat cheese!

10:00 pm - Dessert
Heavy on the chocolate chips...

One thing I always make time for, even on a busy day, is dessert! Tonight it was ice cream topped with Love Grown Foods granola. Ice cream with a crunch makes every day a good one.

How do you prioritize your busy days? What do you get done no matter what?
For me, I absolutely need to make time to be with my husband and play with the cat. And maybe snap a picture or two. :-)

Truly a terrific way to end the day - chillin' in the entertainment center!

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  1. That sandwich sounds good I'll have to try it out sometime!