Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Style

I woke up around 7:30 with a kitten who was rearin' to play "fetch the straw." I lounged around awhile, read, played with Scout, then headed to the gym for a great four-mile run. I started some laundry and then got in a good 20-minute stretch, which felt soooooo good!

Scout, on the other hand, thought cuddling in the warm laundry felt better.

I had a new breakfast this morning! I've seen other bloggers write about smoothie bowls, but I didn't think they sounded too appetizing. Why eat with a spoon when you can sip with a straw? But I'm always up for trying something new, so I made a smoothie:

  • 1 banana, frozen
  • 6 ounces blackberries, frozen
  • 1/4 cup pineapple
  • 1/4 cup orange juice
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup yogurt
  • 1 heaping tablespoon peanut butter
And then I poured half of it into a bowl and sprinkled some granola on top.

Wouldn't you know--it was delicious! I always love crunch, so the granola with the smoothie texture was perfect. It reminded me of a yogurt bowl, which I make all the time (yogurt, fruit, and granola), but this was extra smooth and therefore even better. I saved the other half of the smooth for tomorrow and I can't wait!

After a shower, I headed to the mall for a little summer shopping. I almost never go shopping and am definitely not into fashion. When I do shop, I find myself buying the same ol' stuff: simple, comfortable clothes in bright colors. Today was no exception.

The Scout

Tank top from American Eagle

Makeup from Clinique

Tops and sweater from Nordstrom B.P.

(I also got a long sleeved dress and two sweatshirts from H&M, not pictured.)

Still, it's good to have a few new fun clothes for summer. I also really wanted wedges; I've noticed that wedges are totally in right now, and I like the style. But I just can't spend $80 on shoes (for my wedding, I wore two different pairs of shoes, and I still paid less than $80), so I was thrilled to see these cuties at Payless!

They also come in navy, pink, and white!
Aaaaannnd another pair.

Super comfortable flip flops!

As I said, I'm really not into fashion the way Gina, Julie, and Courtney are. I just look for clothes that fit me well and that I know I'll wear multiple times. I recently read on Gina's blog that Bethanny suggests never buying retail (and Gina added: except at H&M!), and I'm totally on board with that theory. In most stores, I head straight to the sales racks. I also love TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Nordstrom Rack, because it's all on sale!

One fun part of my shopping adventure: The saleswoman at Payless asked me if I work out a lot, and we got to chatting about fitness and eating healthy. She paid me an extremely sweet compliment and said she wants a body like mine! She asked about what I do to stay healthy, and I handed over my BLWB business card. :-) We talked a bit more, discussing how it's best to do cardio plus weight training, and I told her I definitely still eat a lot--I just had to change my perspective about what foods are worth eating! So, Janette (sp?), if you're reading this, hello to you!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, everyone. Let's kick off Monday on a good note. A challenge for you: Make sure your workouts incorporate both cardio and strength training this week!

How do you define your style? What do I need to buy this summer to be in fashion? Help me out with a few pointers!!!

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  1. I love those cute sandals from Payless!! I wonder if they have them in my size? :)