Thursday, May 3, 2012

Work Those Arms

Last night, in my excitement about the treadmill pyramid workout, I forgot to mention my arm workout that made me super sore today! 

Organizing a workout into supersets works opposing muscles together. To complete this workout, You do Superset A (set 1 of each exercise, then set 2, then set 3) before moving on to Supersets B and C. One reason I really like supersets is that I'm completely done with an exercise very quickly. In regular circuit workouts, I tend to drag because I know I'll just be repeating the same moves I just did. In this case, however, I know I'll be switching to something completely new soon. Hope that makes sense.

For explanations of the exercises:

I kept the workout very short because I was using heavier weights than usual and because I had just completed a long cardio workout. Obviously, I added some chest and back work in there for good measure. You could easily expand this workout to include push ups, tricep pull downs, upright rows, or hammer curls.

Tonight, after a hair cut, I took a long walk with Terry. It's been a while since we took a walk because we've been busy and working out separately. We actually used to walk almost every night, and Terry even proposed to me on a walk! Tonight we just took the chance to see what restaurants are new near us and stopped into one to ask about their menu. Looks like we'll be trying some new burgers soon!

And finally, more real food news to share with you. While at my hair cut appointment, I was reading Glamour magazine, and I came upon a page titled, "7 Foods Nutritionists Wouldn't Touch with a 10-Foot Pole" (read it here). I'm always eager to see if they'll agree with my philosophy that whole foods are best, and this time they did! On the list:

  • bottled salad dressings
  • packaged cheese slices
  • light yogurt
  • high protein cereals
  • sodas or fruit juices (except all natural, 100% pure, freshly squeezed juice)
  • processed deli meat
  • coffee creamers
I also recommend this article from Lisa, who shines a light on and suggests alternatives for some unhealthy foods that might be fooling you!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I saw that same article. Kind of made me depressed since I'm still willingly in the clutches of Coffemate's delicious flavors :(

    1. Isn't it ridiculously difficult (and sad) to see your favorite foods aren't always as healthy as you thought? I feel like it's all bad for me!