Monday, May 21, 2012

Game Time Decision

Do you realize it's already May 21st? How did that happen? To be honest, I am looking forward to June and the rest of summer. It's been a rough school year, and I'm eager to truly unwind and de-stress. As opposed to what I've been doing lately: relax for maybe a few hours or days and then go straight back to crazy mode. Where's the balance in that?

I got home extra late today (traffic was nuts, even for LA), so the workout almost didn't happen. I threw on my gym clothes and tinkered around a little but ultimately just did some abs and called it quits. Probably a good idea, because tomorrow is sure to be a tough one. More on that later.

When I did get home, I found this:
Caught in the act!

Lately, Scout's been jumping up on top of our blinds, so yesterday I put the squirt bottle on top of the blinds to prevent him from doing it. Well, when I got home today, the squirt bottle was upright on the floor, and the cap was off about a foot away from the bottle. How did it get there?! Any brilliant ideas? It's a screw-on cap, and our cat just isn't that talented. Bizarre, no?

All day I dreamed about what I should eat for dinner. (This isn't abnormal; I spend a LOT of time thinking about my next meal.) I finally decided on breakfast for dinner but wasn't sure what I would make, and it turned out to be a game time decision: half a whole wheat pita,  a handful of spinach, and two fried eggs. Later, I ate half of a baked sweet potato topped with peanut butter and cinnamon, thanks to an idea from Courtney. Simple and delicious, as all game time decisions should be. (<--What? Doesn't make sense. Just move on.)

I know sweet potato and peanut butter sounds weird (though it is sweet and salty, a delightful combo), but I've been much more willing to try new things like that. My family doesn't really eat weird stuff; in fact, I would say I've always been a "plain and simple" girl when it comes to food. I like tasting all the flavors of the various foods I'm eating rather than blending them all together. I get it from my dad, who generally refuses to add "extras" to his foods. But lately I've been willing to try new recipes, flavor combinations, and foods--as you can see from tonight's meal.

Tonight I'm working on a few things for work and making sure the house is all set for visitors, because Mom and Pop are coming to town tomorrow! They're staying at a hotel tomorrow and then staying with me the next night, and I can't wait. I haven't seen them since our trip to Hawaii, which is much too long! We have plans to work out tomorrow after I get home from work and then go out to dinner. Mom is sure to kick my butt with a tough workout--or perhaps I'll be the one bringing on a challenge. On Wednesday, I'm making a belated Mother's Day dinner (though I'm sure Mom will help), but I haven't decided what to make yet. A new recipe might be on our horizon...

Hope you made it through Monday alright, and I for one am looking forward to tomorrow, when my parents get here!

What weird flavor combinations do you like? Anything I should try?


  1. sweet potato, peanut butter and cinnamon is FANTASTIC! I'm not sure how I stumbled upon it but I did several months ago and it's amazing. In fact I should buy some sweet potatoes and stumble upon that little gem again! ;)

    1. Weird but seriously amazing. Craving it again!

  2. As I kid I used to LOVE to eat frozen green beans and ketsup as a snack. My family used to tease me constantly about it, but it's actually really good! It's kind of got that salty/savory combo like french fries and ketsup, but it's definitely healthier! And yes... I realize it's weird to eat veggies still frozen. I never said I was normal!

    1. Green beans were my enemy as a kid, so good for you!!! Hey, I say any way of eating veggies is a good way (except perhaps deep fried...)