Friday, May 11, 2012

"So LA"

Aahhhh, can you feel that? It's the weekend! And it feels incredible. A long, tough week with too many late nights and not enough time to relax means I'm more than ready to enjoy two full days off. Granted, I have a little work to do, but I put it all aside tonight.

After work, I came home to a delightfully clean house thanks to my awesome husband. Terry had the day off work today and spent most of it tidying up. What a guy! Then I squeezed in a quick workout I wasn't in the mood for anything too intense, and I only had about 35 minutes, so I followed Gina's Schweaty May Workout (I omitted the 20-minute HIIT at the end). I worked up a good schweat and finished the three rounds in about 27 minutes. I loved it because the moves worked my whole body; combining exercises (such as the curtsy lunge/bicep curl + lateral raise/knee lift) burns more calories and is more effective overall. Gina really rocked that one!

Next I quickly showered and enjoyed a quick glass of wine (La Crema chardonnay) before heading out with Terry for a double date with our friends Bryun and Ivonne. We ate at True Food Kitchen, one of my very favorite restaurants in LA. Ivonne eats gluten-free and is allergic to dairy, so this place was perfect; almost half the menu options are gluten-free, and most are organic, seasonal, and local. Luckily, Bryun and Ivonne loved it!

Cucumber martini for Terry 

Gluten-free chicken sausage and goat cheese pizza for Ivonne

Wild mushroom pizza for Terry

Bryun and I ordered the same: grass fed bison burger with kale salad and sweet potato hash

Gluten free and dairy free chocolate pudding

Flourless chocolate cake with caramel sauce

Lemon tart with coconut cream

After our amazing dinner, we walked down toward the beach! We actually walked all the way down to the waves and chatted for awhile. It was so refreshing to be near the ocean and to feel the sand in my toes! Terry and I live about four miles from the beach but almost never spend time there--talk about taking our location for granted! After our little adventure on the beach, Ivonne and I both mentioned that our evening was "so LA" - local, organic food at a trendy restaurant, walking on the beach...not a bad way to spend an night!

Adorable couple, huh? Ivonne and Bryun are so cute!
Terry and I enjoying the pier!

I guess the evening wasn't too LA though, because we were home by 9:30. I think the rest of our city is just now dressing up to go out! Oops...we're getting old.

Tomorrow Terry is off on another scuba adventure, and I have a workout planned, some shopping to do, and a bridal shower. Then perhaps I'll get around to that work tomorrow evening.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful Saturday!


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