Saturday, May 12, 2012

Half and Half HIIT Workout

We don't seem to ever have a "normal" weekend around here. Today was no exception. Terry took off for a scuba trip around 6:00 this morning (I barely woke up to say goodbye!), and I slept until 8:45. Apparently I was exhausted; I gladly ignored my 7 am alarm.

When I finally got up, I made a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast before heading out to my coworker's bridal shower. The party was in Orange County, about an hour (plus traffic) away from me, so it was quite a drive. And the shower was super cute. The theme was "Mad Hatter Tea Party" -- what an adorable idea, right? Everyone was supposed to wear a hat, but they had extras for those of us who aren't awesome enough to own one (that would be me). And of course the gorgeous spread of food focused on finger foods and teas. Almost everything was homemade by the bridesmaids! Excellent job, ladies. :-) 

The bridesmaids

Game #1: Write a wedding-related word for each letter of the alphabet

Game #2: Eileen answers questions about her groom!

Me and the bride-to-be!

Eileen opened her gifts to end the festivities, and I headed back home for a terrific workout. I wanted a tough cardio session, so I created a double HIIT workout--half walking, half running.

It was a doozy! And I loved it. After several hours of traffic today, I could have settled in with a glass of wine, but the workout was far more effective. I loved getting my heart rate up and combining walking and running.

And since most of you are reading this on Sunday, Happy Mother's Day! Question of the day: What is/was your favorite memory with your mom?

My mom used to always take me shopping for dresses for high school dances. I remember finding my prom dress with my mom, and we made a day of it in San Francisco together. More recently, Mom was with me when I found my wedding dress, and I'll never forget the look on her face when I decided on "the one." She was so excited, and I could see that she was truly just so happy for me. I hope I'll be as supportive and generous as she is when I'm a mom.

At my final dress fitting

With my future sister-in-law and my mom at one of my bridal showers

With mom at my other bridal shower
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I kind of do half and half HIIT too. I like HIIT but I don't do much cardio so when I do I feel like I want a little more 20mins. You ladies all look beautiful!

  2. I love HIIT workouts, but I agree that a lot of them are pretty short. This one was fun because I wasn't just running the whole time!