Thursday, May 10, 2012

Appetizers for Dinner

Goodness gracious, I could have slept an extra four hours this morning. I could barely open my eyes to wake up and seriously struggled all day. It could have been last night's late meeting, but I think I've got general exhaustion and am ready for a weekend. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

After work, Terry and I touched base about dinner. Normally I have it all planned out, but today just wasn't one of those days. But then Terry came to the rescue: "You mean we're not really having appetizers for dinner?" Apparently, he thought my "let's have some appetizers" comment this morning was regarding our full meal, not just a snack before dinner. Done! I grabbed the necessities at Trader Joe's and we met back at home.

Then Terry and I headed out for a run but ended up just walking three miles. It felt great to be outside and to just chat for awhile, but I'm glad we kept it easy. I'll be ready for another tough one tomorrow. 

Tonight's dinner:

Trader Joe's red wine salami, five kinds of cheese (gouda, pepperjack, grass-fed cheddar, goat, and brie), sourdough baguette, fruit salad, Napa Valley Cellars cabernet.

Tonight's entertainment:

Puss in Boots! I hate to say it, but I was kind of excited to watch this movie. What have I become? We also enjoyed watching our own kitten--just as hilarious, though slightly less coordinated than Puss.

And finally, who is hosting something for Mother's Day? We offered to have my in-laws over for brunch Sunday, so I'm planning a big meal for the gang. Here's a little round up of mom-appropriate dishes you can enjoy.

I'm planning to make a quiche (Lisa's recipe will be my base), some kind of French toast casserole, and lots of mimosas!

What are your Mother's Day plans? Any recipes to share? Link below!

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  1. yum! i love appetizer meals! my husband and i do that sometimes too. :)