Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Attack of the Cat + WIAW

Hello everybody! In case you missed it, you can check out today's long awaited cruise recap. I loved writing about our cruise and all the wonderful adventures; I hope you enjoy reading about them!

This morning started super early - at 4:45. I tried to convince myself that I didn't need to get up, that I could sleep in and just do the workout after school, before open house. What's the matter with that? Well, I live too far from work to go home to shower (it would take me 45 minutes to get home and at least two hours to get back with traffic). Still, I tried my best to persuade myself that the parents wouldn't notice if I was a little sweaty from exercising. Alas, I finally just got out of bed.

But I'm so glad I did! I really felt fantastic during and after the workout and well into my work day. Even now, at 9:30 pm, I'm feeling energized and positive. I try to act that way a lot, but today I really felt it!

Also, Scout attacked me during my workout, which was both adorable and hilarious.

And now let's get to my What I Ate Wednesday for open house day. Every month, Peas & Crayons encourages bloggers to participate in WIAW with a new theme; this month, it's all about adding an extra cup (or serving) of vegetables to your day!

While I have been pretty good about getting my five fruits and vegetables in most days, I definitely eat at least two servings of fruit but usually more like three or four and could certainly use more veggies. So for breakfast today I threw in a handful of spinach and ate a veggie-packed salad for lunch.

An awesome husband is one who packs your lunch while you work out

6:30 am - Breakfast
One whole wheat tortilla, 2 eggs, 1/2 slice Swiss cheese, and a handful of spinach + tea

Surprisingly delicious!
 9:30 am - Morning snack 

1:00 pm - Lunch
Spinach, avocado, corn, yellow bell pepper, and BBQ sauce (Kansas BBQ sauce from Trader Joe's)

2:30 pm - Afternoon snack (orange)

5:30 pm - Dinner
On late work days like today, my coworker Eileen and I usually grab dinner together and catch up. She's getting married this summer, so it's always a blast to hear about her wedding planning and to just have an adult conversation at the end of the school day. Tonight we went to a local Italian restaurant that has phenomenal pizza and shared their specialty, along with some bruschetta.

2 slices of this amazing specialty pizza (mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, pepperoni, and sausage)

9:00 pm - Dessert
2 of these Fudgy Babies from Katie's blog and a glass of milk

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed a terrific day - we're more than halfway through the week!

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  1. HAHA oh my gosh, our 2 cats do this all the time. One of them attacks my foam roller, and the other will try to eat my phone when I'm using my push-up app. Crazy animals :)