Saturday, April 28, 2012

Scenes from a Saturday

What a wonderful, relaxing Saturday! In fact, when I wrote the title for this post, I originally said, "Scenes from a Sunday" - I guess I felt I had already enjoyed a whole weekend! 

Breakfast: whole wheat tortilla with spring greens and two eggs

Wine sale at Ralph's: six bottles at 30% off!
Cupcake gathering at a friend's house (they served a new-to-us restaurant's Italian beef  sandwiches, and we loved it!)

Stopped at Crate & Barrel and took a picture of the worst parking job ever (yep, that car is blocking the entire lane - luckily he moved before we needed to leave)

Greek salad for dinner using leftover veggies from last night

Clos du Bois chardonnay while watching Midnight in Paris

Homemade granola (using Julie's recipe) with ice cream and chocolate chips

It was truly a great day. We slept in, we didn't have to clean house or run errands, we enjoyed each other's company. We couldn't decide what to eat for dinner (I wanted salami, cheese, and bread, but Terry wanted Greek salad - we went with the healthy choice), so we got a good laugh out of my craving for such an un-nutritious meal. I can't remember the last time we just relaxed the way we did today, but it felt amazing. I even took another day off from working out, and I didn't let myself feel guilty about it.

Tomorrow we have plans to try some new LA adventures. We're checking out a few spots that have become important LA landmarks, places I haven't been. Then we're headed up to visit our friends for a BBQ. Hopefully it's all as wonderful as today!


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