Sunday, April 22, 2012

Catalina Eats

We really went all out this weekend, food-wise. I met a few new people, and when they found out I write a healthy living blog - well, let's just say they may have been skeptical. I took a go-for-it approach to eating this weekend, starting Friday evening and continuing through today.

Five Guys Burger & Fries on our way to the ferry

Stella for me, microbrew for Terry at Yardhouse

Bowl of Blue Shark for Terry at Catalina Cantina - I helped him out :-)

Cup of clam chowder for me at The Lobster Trap

Mugs of beer for both of us

Steamed artichoke (sad excuse for a vegetable!)

Big Olaf's: this is the ONE-scoop

That is pure joy

Two more drinks at Luau Larry's

Pecan waffle at Sally's Waffle Shop this morning (expect to see a homemade version of these soon!)

Had to decrease the size of the picture because I look so terrible, but the dipped ice cream was amazing!

Good Lord. Just posting these photos is painful! No wonder I feel full. Since the weather was terrible (again) all weekend, I was limited to indoor activities while Terry was diving. Today I walked around the island for about an hour and a half, which had to suffice for my workout. We left the island mid-afternoon and made a mad dash back home to shower up for one more big meal and one more birthday celebration at Arroyo Chop House, a wonderful steak place in Pasadena, to celebrate Terry's mom's birthday (Terry and his mom are only four days apart!).

My plate: petit fillet, lobster mashed potatoes, green beans, creamed spinach

It was a fun dinner and a great chance to catch up with Terry's parents. We chatted about an upcoming trip we're all planning to Cabo!

I'm super excited for a calmer week coming up so I can stick to my six days of exercise, create balanced and healthy meals, and squeeze in some yoga. Other plans include a new chicken recipe (inspired by my big brother), booking our summer travel, and, next weekend, a few fun outings around LA. I'm so grateful for a FUN busy week!


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