Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catching Up on the Weekend

Let's catch up on Friday first. Yet again, I didn't wake up early to work out, but I did stay up late Thursday night to bake some treats for my coworkers. 

Zucchini bread

Here's the recipe: 100 Days of Real Food zucchini bread 

The two different versions of baked oatmeal were also very well received, and I even got asked for the recipe!

After work and cheer clinics, Terry and I squeezed in a very quick workout (20 minutes was all we could manage, but it was better than nothing), showered, and headed out. We got to try a new sushi restaurant with one of Terry's scuba friends, Bryun, and his girlfriend, Ivonne.

I don't remember which roll this is, but that's albacore on top

Rainbow roll

Pizookie after sushi? Why not?!

We had a fantastic time with Bryun and Ivonne. When you're part of a couple, meeting and going out with another couple is the equivalent of a first date as a single person. You're testing the waters, seeing if the friendship can work. I absolutely love double dating; I think it keeps things exciting and adds so much to our own relationship. Terry and I always discuss whether or not we think we're good at double dating and analyze how the dates go. Because we're total dorks.

Yesterday, Terry was off for scuba training (he's becoming qualified to be an instructor), and I was off to conduct cheer tryouts. We were very excited to see so many students try out for the team, and we wound up with two terrific squads.

I had hoped to get some work done after tryouts yesterday, but I didn't get home until three o'clock. So instead I tidied up a bit and then ventured to our apartment's gym for a wonderful, energizing workout. The weights were heavy, the HIIT was intense, the legs were screamin'. And after my workout, I found an awesome little surprise in my mailbox!

He looks weird in that picture

Yep, that's right! You know how much I love The Biggest Loser, and now I have some of Bob Harper's DVDs! I bought four (one, I assume, is still on the way):

So excited

I've been meaning to get some new workout DVDs for awhile, and I follow Bob Harper on Twitter, so when I saw his tweet saying his DVDs were only $5, I jumped at the chance. I can't wait to test them out! (By the way, I just noticed that the DVDs are still on sale! Go buy some!)

Last night, Terry and I went to Jenn and Justin's apartment for dinner. Jenn made chicken finger subs, one of our absolute favorites. Jenn is originally from Buffalo, and this meal is one of their specialties from the region. So good!

Another of Jenn's amazing salads, with cucumbers, beets, peppers, spinach, and tossed with my vinaigrette

Toppings for the subs

Homemade chicken fingers tossed with Frank's Red Hot sauce, topped with provolone, blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. You can see why we only eat these every six months or so.

Of course!

We enjoyed some great conversation, great wine, and great food. And then a few chocolate martinis, which, I realize this morning, were probably not the best idea.

Today's agenda includes completing all the work I had hoped to do yesterday, plus laundry and some chores around the house. My workout today will be walking/jogging over to Jenn's, because Terry and I drove separately last night and took only one car home with us. I may try out one of Bob's DVDs if I'm inspired later, too! We have one more dinner with friends tonight, and luckily it's right across the street from our apartment. See you later for the usual nightly post!


  1. I love how Terry and you remind me of Marshall and Lilly from HIMYM - analyzing double dates!! Mark and I don't have very many friends that fit the double date category out in Philly yet - still on the look out for a couple more!

    1. Hi Lulu! We LOVE double dating - it inevitably leads to great conversations that show us our strange quirks are actually totally normal. :-) Good luck finding couple friends - it's actually kinda hard, right?!

  2. Rainbow roll looks amazing!