Sunday, April 29, 2012

What Not To Do

As you may know, my knee has bothered me all week; in fact, I ended up taking almost all week off from cardio workouts. I did increase my upper body strength training and also increased my stretching and foam rolling time, so that felt fantastic. But I kept my cardio to walking only (and minimal hills) and then omitted all lower body exercises that irritated my knee. (For some ideas on workouts to do that are easy on your knees, check out this post.)

Cutting back on high-impact cardio, avoiding lower body strength training, stretching and foam rolling more - these are all great ideas when you have a knee ache.

Here's what not to do (aka - what I did this weekend):

Don't feel that attending a cupcake exchange means you need to eat three different types of cupcakes

After drinking three beers in the afternon, don't open  a bottle of wine that night

Three cupcakes were enough. You don't need ice cream and chocolate chips.

When your friends invite you for a barbecue, focus on veggies and fruit; don't eat half the appetizers and too much meat.

Don't stop for taquitos and a tamale before lunch (lunch does not require an appetizer).

Maybe don't choose today to finally go to that new sausage restaurant (Wurstkuche, downtown LA)

Despite a rough weekend as far as my knee, working out, and nutrition, it was truly wonderful. Yesterday was extremely relaxing, and today gave us a chance to do some stuff in LA we've been meaning to do for years.

First stop was a new cathedral in downtown LA called Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. When I researched things to do in Los Angeles, this church kept popping up and made me want to check it out. Today Terry suggested we actually experience the cathedral, so we attended mass and got to check out the gorgeous building.

Approaching from the parking structure

Love this cross on the side - you can see it from pretty far away 

The courtyard overlooks the freeway (that cool spiral building in the background is a performing arts high school!)

Interior of the church

It reminded us a lot of cathedrals we saw in Europe

After mass, which was led by the Archbishop, Terry and I walked over to Olvera Street, a short stretch of tiny shops and Mexican restaurants. I had never been before, and Terry insisted I would love it. Which I did! The plaza right outside of Olvera Street was hosting a small cultural celebration, so we watched a few young ladies perform traditional Mexican dances. We also checked out the oldest house in LA!


Entrance to Olvera

Taking it all in

Awesome Mexican food

Oldest house in LA

Avila Adobe

The sign said, "Please do not touch the cactus." Umm...duh?

We spent the rest of the early afternoon walking around, enjoying lunch at Wurstkuche, and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

I don't remember what building this is

1959 police car!

Union Station

Cool bridge

City skyline


Lots of homemade mustard, ketchups, and other condiments

Tons of choices! Including vegetarian!

New beers for both of us, and we loved them

Stumbled onto a huge block party

Disney Concert Hall
So fun playing tourists!

Jacaranda season!!!

A fantastic day!

Tonight we headed up to Simi Valley to visit our friends for a barbecue. Good times, good food, and another trip in the works! We also got to visit with Katie and Corey's dog, Mayzie, who loves people and also hates being photographed. :-) I did my best.

Hope you had an incredible weekend! Enjoy a great start to the week. :-)


  1. All that food... hey you only live once. :)

  2. That building is LA City Hall.