Thursday, April 19, 2012

The In-Line Workout

What a day! Like yesterday, we had testing at school, but I was able to get home by 4:30 for a quick boot camp workout. It was awesome! We did a ladder workout, which had me doing 5 reps of an exercise, then 6, then 7, all the way to 10. For each exercise, we did 45 reps! And we topped it off with a 20-minute HIIT. Definitely tough, but a very quick way to get the sweat going.

Then Terry and I were off to a volunteer meeting for an alumni organization we're part of at UCLA.

Dinner for the event: sushi, stir-fry with chicken, and lots of greens!

We got to listen to a really interesting guest speaker who works in Government and Community Relations at UCLA. Essentially, his department works to advocate for the university on a legislative level and then also acts as a type of PR entity in relating to the community. The job sounds really interesting; I love learning about all that goes on at UCLA. Fun fact: UCLA is the 7th largest employer in LA. Wow!

In-Line Workout

Okay, stay with me on this one. This workout might seem a little strange. And sure, if you're one of those people who thinks it's weird to exercise while standing in line, then yes, it will be weird.

But maybe you're one of those folks who finds yourself waiting in lines a lot. Maybe you were recently in line at the post office for what felt like forever because you were a little late on your taxes. Maybe you thought to yourself, "Hey, I wish I knew some good moves I could do in line to tone a little while I wait."

Have no fear, my friends. I'm here with some in-line exercises that you can execute while you wait. Other people will definitely want to stare at you, but they probably won't, because that's rude. So don't worry. (Hey, see if you can start a group exercise class in line. Flash mobs are still in, right?)

*On second thought, it might be a little weird.

Enjoy, and have a great Friday! We're headed out to Catalina this weekend for some scuba (for Terry), some ice cream, and some celebrating - Terry's birthday is Saturday!!!


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