Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Classroom Prep

Guess who got her teeth cleaned today?


This girl!

Fun fact: Those are not my teeth. But I did choose a photo that appears to be an awkward smile. Because that's how I smile at the dentist. Awkwardly.

Terry and I both went to the dentist this morning (we went to this new dentist together the first time, and for some reason we've continued to do so every six months), and now my teeth are feeling goooooood. Actually, they really don't feel any different. But I feel good knowing I don't have any cavities!

I'm feeling much better than yesterday, but still not well enough to lift weights, so today's workout included lots of random toning exercises in my apartment and some core work. As long as I have time to digest, I'm all for a late night workout. I think I'll be back in the weight room tomorrow, but I'll take it easy on my shoulder the rest of the week.

Today got me all jazzed for the first day of school. I spent a solid portion of the afternoon unpacking, cleaning, and organizing my new classroom! My room is quite big, and I'm grateful the previous occupant left lots of posters behind, because I don't have nearly enough stuff to cover the walls. In a few weeks I'll have student work to post, but it would have been quite drab for awhile there otherwise.

But this guy's on my desk now! Spruces it right up!

Getting my classroom ready makes me all the more aware that the first day is only one week away. I've actually had a new classroom every year (despite teaching at the same school for the last three years), so having a new classroom in a new school this year isn't all that different. First things first: I cleaned and disinfected all the surfaces, insides of cabinets, and shelves. Then I cleaned out all the items left behind, reorganized what was left, and unpacked my own boxes. I still have a few more boxes to bring in tomorrow, and then I'll be all set for my students!

While I cleaned, several folks stopped by to introduce themselves and welcome me to the school, which made me feel super positive. I'm extremely outgoing once I get to know people, but I tend to feel shy and act very reserved when I first meet large groups. I'm glad to have a few familiar faces, though I know I'll forget everyone's name.

Tomorrow is a technology workshop for the new teachers, and the day after is our orientation. Then Monday is an all-staff inservice, and Tuesday is finally the first day of school! I'm eager to get back into the swing of things. My dental hygienist asked me today if I just love having a summer break, and of course I do. But then it also makes the first day of school difficult--I feel like I have to readjust to the schedule, get back into a rhythm. But I love having that structure, and I thrive on being busy, so I look forward to next week as much as I looked forward to starting summer.

Plus, this year, Terry and I are working in the same city, and that city is only 15 minutes from our apartment! I cannot describe how thrilled I am to be so close to home!

Tonight Terry and I attended a UCLA Alumni event at El Cholo Mexican Restaurant in Santa Monica. It was called "Nachos and Networking" and turned out to be a huge group of Bruins. We love attending these events to meet fellow UCLA grads, and we had a good time chatting with quite a variety of people.

Photo at UCLA by Roxanne Neal

The kitten woke us up super early this morning, and a helicopter on the 405 kept us up after that, so we're off to bed early tonight. Did you get your workout in today? Remember: no excuses!


  1. i totally know what you mean about getting back into the routine after summer break. i'm going through the same thing right now. i'm just ready for kids to come because all the pre-service PD is making me anxious but i know as soon as those kids arrive, it'll be all smiles :)

    1. Prep days are always full of anxiety! Good luck on your first day!

  2. That's so exciting that you and Terry are working in the same city this year! Are you two able to car pull to save some gas?

    Oh Mexican... what a deicious dinner choice!

    1. YES! We have carpooled twice so far, and I think it's going to work out perfectly! So exciting!