Saturday, August 11, 2012

Simple Things A to Z

Today is my birthday! So thank you for a wonderful birthday gift - stopping by my blog! I appreciate every single visitor to BLWB. My regulars, especially those who leave me comments or e-mail me! You brighten my days and inspire me and motivate me to keep it up. Thank you so much!

I am grateful for all of you, and Julie's post yesterday made me think about other things I'm grateful for as I turn 27. So here's a little sampling, from A to Z...

A - Audiobooks. Thanks to Terry's anniversary gift to me, I recently discovered the joy of listening to books on tape, and it's amazing. What a fantastic way to get lost in literature!

Sadly these books are not available on tape.

B - Balls. Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm thankful for my stability ball! Stability exercises get me sweaty and strong in no time.

C - Crossword puzzles. Terry got me into crossword puzzles, and we still complete them together when we travel or want to unwind. It's a fun way to bond, and I'm getting better!

D - Difficulties. I don't write much about the tough stuff, but I'm still grateful for it. Working through obstacles makes me stronger, and it reminds me how much of my life isn't difficult.

E - Every day. Cheesy, but every day is a gift, and I try to appreciate the fact that I have a new day to experience.

F - Family. I am blessed with an incredible family, a group of people who support each other, listen to each other, cheer for each other, and cry together. We are a tight group, and my parents have graciously welcomed my husband and Chris's fiancee into the mix so that we've become a slightly larger but still super close unit.

G - Green. My favorite color and a great way to live.

H - Half marathon. As much as I'm struggling with the higher mileage, the upcoming race has me focused on a long-term fitness goal in a way I haven't before. I'm pushing myself weekly and bonding with my husband at the same time.

I - Iago. Super nerdy. He's my favorite literary villain. Villains make literature fascinating, and this one tops the charts, along with Kate from East of Eden.

J - Job. I am so grateful and proud to have a job for this upcoming school year. Times are tough for teachers, but I found a terrific school and feel more than excited to kick start the year.

K - Kitchen. My favorite room in our house, a place where I feel happy, calm, confident, and nostalgic.

L - Leftovers. They just make life so much easier sometimes!

M - Marriage. It's been the greatest adventure I've ever experienced, and we're only a little over one year in.

N - New. I love trying new things, and I'm getting much braver about stepping out of my comfort zone to experience the new. It's pushing me to be a more diverse person, and I like it!

O - "Oops I Did It Again." Remember when Britney was awesome?

P - Pinterest. Terrific way to waste time, but also lots of great ideas about teaching, style, and how to organize my future home.

Q - Quality time with friends. A lot of my friends have moved away, but I'm still grateful for any time with them, even if it's reading each other's e-mails, talking on the phone, or working out together.

R - Relaxing. I'm pretty stressed out a lot of the time, but it's almost always my own fault. I'm working on relaxing but improving day by day.

S - Scout. This little guy makes me laugh every day, loves to cuddle, and occasionally thinks he's a dog. He's the best first pet we could ask for.

T - Traveling. Obviously, we love to travel, and I am so grateful that we have been able to travel and that we agree on making travel a big part of our lives.

U - UCLA. My alma mater makes me so proud, and I continue to find ways it influences my life.

V - Vino. Enough said. 

W - Walks. Almost nothing beats a lovely walk or hike. Fresh air, new sights, people watching, alone or with company. It's a fantastic way to reconnect with others, myself, or nature. 

X - XXX Olympiad. Incredible athletes, tons of patriotism, and lots of the Queen! A little trip down memory lane as we watched all the events in London didn't hurt.

Y - You! My readers (even if today is your first visit!) mean a lot to me. I'm so grateful to have an audience, and I really hope that you find something on this site helpful in your quest to live a better life. Thank you!

Z - Zippers. Can you imagine how much harder life would be if we didn't have ANY zippers? 


  1. Denise Ante-ContrerasAugust 12, 2012 at 9:51 PM

    Happy belated birthday Julie! Hope the day was amazing!