Friday, August 10, 2012

The Almond Croissant and L'Amande

Fridays don't feel like Fridays during the summer. At least not to me, and certainly not today. It felt more like a Wednesday. But I guess the rest of LA didn't know it was supposed to be like Wednesday, because people were heading out of town and jamming up the roads! 

I spent a few hours running errands, the first of which was a stop at Road Runner Sports to grab new shoes for Terry and myself for the upcoming half marathon. We both loved our original shoes from the same store, so I just brought my coupon and asked for one of each pair without even trying them on. Of course, trying on Terry's shoes really wouldn't have helped him out too much. 

On my way out of Road Runner, I noticed a Bed Bath & Beyond right across the street, and it was on my list of errands, so I stopped in, made my return, and then stumbled right into Trader Joe's, also on my list. I kept accidentally finding all the stores I needed! I felt pretty hungry and spotted this little gem:

Cafe lunch? Don't mind if I do!

Cute decor. I want this canvas in my house.

I don't consider myself an expert in many areas, but I will say I'm an almond croissant connoisseur. Not in making them, just in tasting them. When I was young we had an incredible French bakery near our house, and my parents would take us to buy pastries now and then. Their almond croissants were heavenly. Crunchy croissant, perfect almond "goo" as I called it, a little powdered sugar. But the bakery closed, and I haven't found anything quite as perfect since. But I have been on the hunt, and my whole family knows to buy me an almond croissant if they think it might meet my standards. (Of course, they're all also convinced that I have built up this croissant way too much and that nothing will ever be good enough. Pssh, I don't think so.) My brother got me a really good one once, I had some good ones in Paris, and the one I bought from L'Amande today tasted fantastic.

I also ate a sandwich:

Honestly, the meal wasn't anything to write home about, but the salad was decent.

Also, this meal was--I swear--the very first time in my 2627 years that I have ever eaten a meal in a restaurant alone. Yes, it was technically a cafe, but I'm counting it. And next I need to go to a movie by myself!

Next on my list was BevMo!, and wouldn't you know it? There was one right next door to L'Amande, along with a Menchie's. I stopped into both stores and headed home.

Tomorrow we have our 10 mile run, the second-to-last big run before the race. I tried to rest my foot lots this week, but I didn't ice it as much as I should have. We'll see how it goes in my new shoes!

If you have a moment, please check out Tina's most recent post. She rounded up a bunch of awesome articles from the week, and she even gave BLWB a shout out! Let's show her some love.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. I already know mine will be filled with joy and lots of love, and once I finish that run I'll be stoked to celebrate surviving another run year.


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