Monday, August 20, 2012

A Back Up Workout

Thanks for all the fun get well wishes today! The injury update: My forearm is still super tender, pretty swollen, and starting to get a nice bruise (I'll take a picture if things take a turn for the purple). But my shoulder...OUCH! I don't know how I did it, but I guess my ninja roll gave my shoulder a good twinge. It seems to be the rotater cuff; it hurts pretty badly when I raise my arm or try to lift anything (even my laptop!). I'm hoping it's just sore and will be back to normal in a few days.

Today I took the day off from working out, and Terry and I enjoyed a short walk after he got home from work. The walk was nice and leisurely, but it still got our blood pumping. Any kind of activity beats no activity, right? 

Well, that idea got me thinking about something I've integrated into my workout routine for the last year or so: 

(Oh yeah. Things are getting fancy again.)

Okay, here's what I noticed was happening to me, and I know it's happened to some other people out there (somewhere? maybe? Bueller?):

You have decided to go to the gym or work out at home or go for a run or do some yoga in the park (if you do yoga in the park, let's be friends, because that sounds cool). You've even managed to actually get up, you've changed into your workout clothes, and you've made it to the gym (or park or living room or sidewalk). There's nothing stopping you now!

Except...there's something. There's always something that can stop you. Here's my list, off the top of my head:
  • You wanted to run while watching trashy TV, and all the treadmills are taken.
  • You wanted to try out a new elliptical workout, and all the ellipticals are taken.
  • You're doing Tina's Best Body Boot Camp, and the weight room is super crowded. 
  • It took longer to get to the gym than you expected, and if you can't get in your entire workout you may as well just go home now.
  • You were all set to do yoga in your living room, but then you remembered your mom has your favorite DVD.
  • You were going to take your dog for a run, but your roommate just took him for a walk. He looks tired.
  • You had planned a hike with your friend, but it's just SO hot (or rainy or cold or...).
  • You thought a swim sounded nice, but there's an aqua aerobics class going on right now at your local YMCA, and it's taking up the entire pool.
  • Your favorite Body Pump class is canceled today. 
  • You started out on the bike, but you aren't feeling it. 10 minutes is good enough.
  • Your gym date just texted, and she isn't coming to meet you. You hate working out alone.
  • Your usual machines are taken, and you have never used any of the other ones. You aren't about to try them now and have everyone mock you when you don't do it exactly right--you just know they're all waiting to laugh at you!
See? You had the best of intentions. You weren't being lazy! You put on your shoes and everything! You drove to the gym! But, hey, it's okay. You tried. Let's go back to the couch. Mmm...remember the couch? So cozy! Gym clothes are also perfect for lounging, watching TV, napping...

NO. Wrong. Trust me, I've been there, and I have used the "eh, I tried" excuse myself. But good intentions do not make for a good workout. They don't get your heart rate up; they don't improve your bone density; they don't extend your life expectancy. So I had to get real with myself, and I made a promise to myself, which is now my motto on BLWB: No excuses

In this case, no excuses means having a back up plan. Now, if I intend to work out, I will work out. Nothing can stop me! Friend cancels? I go it alone. iPod stops working? I suck it up and power through. Treadmills are all taken? I finally gather up my courage and ask the trainer to show me how to use the Jacob's Ladder thing. 

So now, here are 5 workouts that defy any kind of excuse. No equipment necessary. You don't even have to go outside!

Print them out, tuck them in your gym bag, and dig 'em out when you get that "oops, my planned workout won't work out" feeling. Let's follow through with our good intentions and make those workouts happen.

What's your best back up plan when you just aren't feeling it? Comment or link up below!


  1. Ah, I'm sorry your still in some pain. Hopefully all your limbs start functioning properly again haha :)

    Thanks for all the workout ideas. Love them!

    1. Thanks! Glad you like the workouts!

  2. Eeek sorry to hear about your arm and shoulder!! Hope you recover asap! Great workouts!

  3. I love this post! My back up plan is always a brisk, long walk outside - no matter what the weather is doing!

    1. Love your back up plan! I'm all about the brisk walk. Perfect way to clear my head and get blood pumping.

  4. i am all about the back up plan! i am way to quick to crap out on a workout if something gets in my way, so i make sure i have at least one or two backup options in case something gets in the way. luckily since i'm race training right now, backup plans are pretty easy - you can run anywhere! i will definitely keep these workouts in my gym bag for when i'm doing less running and more other exercise.

    1. I'm the same way, and I've gotten much better about it recently. Hope you like these if you try them!

  5. i am going on vacation in a week so these workouts are PERFECT!!! thank you so, so much!

    1. Thanks Julie! I'd love to hear what you think, and I hope you have a great vacation!

  6. First off, hope you heal quickly and safely! Darn sidewalks pop up outta nowhere! ;)

    Secondly, awesome workout ideas! I don't belong to a gym and always workout at home. So these will be utilized! Thanks!

    1. Ha! It was totally embarrassing when I went flying. Glad you like the ideas - I don't belong to a gym, either! I'm always finding ways to be creative since I can't take classes!

  7. Love this post! Planning is so key for me and the idea of having a back up plan is awesome because sometimes I am so stubborn.

  8. Wow, this just made me laugh so bad! And it also made me want to work out - BUT... it's the middle of the night, and I'm tired, hehe.

    No, really though. I need to take a look at these workouts tomorrow :)

    Maria -

  9. Thank you for this! I have stress fractures and recently moved across the country, so at-home low impact workouts are a total life saver. And now, stuck inside with the hurricane, you can bet we'll be breaking out some good at home workouts!